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Looking After Your Area Rug To Keep It In Shape

Whether your area rug is Chinese, Persian Native American, Jute, Sheepskin or Leather, we know you love it and it probably takes center stage in your home and office. Whether it’s a valuable investment, an heirloom or a gift from a loved one, we understand that you want it kept in optimum shape, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

And that’s not a problem because with over two decades of experience, ABC Rug Cleaning NYC has all the expertise and skill to clean, repair or restore your precious piece. We offer a number of specialized services both to residential and commercial clients in Greenwich Village, Soho and NYC. With our expert and dedicated staff and powerful, industrial machinery, you can be sure that when you bring your rug to us, you are leaving it in good hands. You can say goodbye to dirt, grime and stains…

Deep and Gentle Rug Cleaning That Gets Out Every Last Stain

Our start-to-finish process includes the following:
Inspection - this is to establish the age, condition and material of the rug, so we can decide on the best course of action for its cleaning.
Dusting - a thorough dust will shake loose any grit and dirt lodged in the fibers. It will also remove allergens and dust particles.
Pre-Treatment - a gentle conditioning pre-treatment for spots and stains is then applied.
Cleaning - depending on your rug’s material, we will treat it in one of two ways. Either we will use a deep immersion technique or dry clean it. With immersion, the rug is dipped into a pool of shallow water and then washed carefully, rinsed and then patted dry with soft towels. Dry cleaning involves a careful cleaning by hand.

Either way, you can be sure that after this kind of cleaning, all kinds of stains, odors and even grease and pet urine will be gone forever.
Drying - we then take the rug into a drying room, which is climate-controlled and humidity free. This lets the rug dry quickly and makes sure no mold and mildew form.
Finishing Touches - the pile is aligned and the fringes are straightened, and the rug is inspected one last time.

This thorough and gentle clean means your rug will undergo something of a transformation and we are certain you will be amazed with the results.

Green Products That Protect The Health of You and Your Family

We only use eco-friendly solutions in our work because we believe that they are better for the health of you, your family and your employees. They are just as effective as traditional products, if not better, and they are made without harsh additives that can cause flare ups with asthma and allergies.

So with a professional, affordable and eco-friendly service, and a same day service (if you call before noon) and a 100% guarantee on every job, what are you waiting for?

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Rug Repair and Restoration - We Give Your Rug TLC

Whatever your rug, there is going to come a time when it needs a little TLC. Regular wear and tear will take its toll, especially if it is in a high traffic area, and then there’s the question of spills and tears. So whether it’s a pet stain, color fading, a hole that has appeared or a fringe that has tangled up, don’t worry. Bring it to us and leave it in our capable hands. There are few problems we haven’t seen before.

Our rug repair and restoration techniques include color restoration, hole fixing, binding, rug-resizing and fringe re-enforcement. Our technicians are experienced and professional with all the experience necessary to do a fine job.

Even better, at ABC Rug Cleaning NYC every rug repair is accompanied by a deep clean. It’s guaranteed to add sheen and luster to your piece.

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